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For a bespoke architectural service and a design team that's available seven days a week - Building Design Studio is in a league of its own.

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The process

The majority of people who have never had a home extension or built a house will probably not have dealt with an design team, nor be aware of the process or role that an architectural design team will take on.

The process will normally begin with a site visit to dicuss brief design options followed by a written quotation. Once the architectural designer has been appointed to carry out works the process will generally take the following route, with approvals required at various stages:

  • Feasibility sketch with design options for your approval or to discuss with your local planning authority
  • Prepare and submit planning application if required, once approved
  • Prepare and submit building regulations application and instruct any other required consultant, once approved
  • Prepare tender documents and obtain at least three builders’ quotes
  • Appoint builders and start works
  • Site inspections to ensure work is carried out as per drawings and assist with any issues that arise
  • Completion with final inspection, handover and building control sign off.

Please note you may not require us to carry out all of the above. However, we are more than happy to assist you with as many or as few of these stages as required.

For further details, please see our services section.

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